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Posted: July 2, 2013 in Random Thoughts

Don’t let the special moment pass you by this week. Enjoy the people around you.

Dreams come to you when you are a sleep. So does this mean I’m sleep walking? I’ve never been caught walking down my hallway with my eyes closed…so I’m not a sleep walker at all. But I have dreams and those dreams are real, they are as real as the drums in my beats. So I ask you, if dreams come to you in your sleep are we even awake? I have dreams that seem way more vivid than reality I guess I’m starting to wake up or was I ever asleep to begin with.


San Calo


So I posted this track on my page called Washington Heights Block Party. Memories came rushing back to me. Reminding me of all the amazing memories I have of growing up there. Hanging out at my grandpas while he played music for the whole block, going up to the bodega to get chips and soda for like $1.50. For a kid growing up in the city there was nothing more rewarding than your grandpa handing you a crisp $5 dollar bill and was like get whatever you want…”Get whatever I want…are you serious grandpa” Grandpa Wilson still lives in Washington Heights and I had the very distinct pleasure of bring my lil one to walk the streets I walked to take in the sites I did as a youth and  to also see my grandpa. One of the most influential people of my past, present and my future.

Bendicion Abuelo!

Tu Nieto


80's Baby

80’s Baby

Creativity! It’s the only thing that God has given us that comes with no limitations.

Nissan GTR 2013

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Not much can be done about the heat when your looking out the window of a coupe with the windows down in the south. Things that usually make us look the other way are what make us strive for balance in the future. I’m not perfect but I strive to teach my young one the value of family and to always be positive in the face of negativity. The things that make us special are the things that separate us from those that insist on being “regular people”. I love my Sunshine state.


San Calo


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To new beginnings. To not letting fear control your future. To looking into the future. To not forgetting where you came from. To looking death in the face and saying, “God is on my team, I ain’t got no worries!” Cheers!!! San Calo Da Saint!

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